Many hazards are associated with substation battery maintenance, especially when the DC system cannot be taken out of service without interrupting critical operations.


The Black Start Mobile DC Trailer and the

Power Docking Station provide a seamless and reliable transfer of substation DC power to those critical DC loads by allowing technicians to safely and confidently make and break parallel between the DC systems by eliminating arcing at point of connection and reducing exposure, keeping technicians away from batteries during the process. The 'Black Start Battery Rack' with built-in spill containment, provides a rugged fail-safe system that withstands road travel, protecting the batteries.  H2 sensing and ventilation ensures  a safe atmosphere while providing alarming,  indication and safety shutdown features. From a safety and reliability standpoint this trailer is an indispensable piece of equipment.

Custom Designed and

Manufactured for Utility &

Telecom Applications

 Maintenance Conditions

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Black Start Mobile DC Tech Specs

I apply my expertise to continuously advance safe working conditions for substation technicians who install and maintain battery systems.  This effort led to Black Start Mobile DC, LLC which is dedicated to custom-designed Mobile DC systems that facilitate safety and system reliability.

 ~ Jake Johnston


Black Start Mobile DC, LLC

Former US Marine and Founder of

Black Start Mobile DC, LLC

An Oregon-based design & manufacturing company, Black Start Mobile DC, LLC specializes in custom-designed equipment for rapid deployment in numerous Utility and Telecom applications in North America. With over 22 years of  experience in the industrial electrical field, in Utility Substations and in Hydro-Electric Generation.

    Jake's licensing includes:

    General Supervising Electrician     •   General Journeyman Electrician

    Journeyman Substation Wire Technician     •   Hydroelectric Operator

Jake Johnston  •  Over 22 Years of Experience

Black Start Mobile DC Trailer & Weatherproof Docking Station

Overview of the


Trailer Design, Features & Construction


The self-contained Black Start Mobile DC Power Station is designed to provide, longevity, reliability and intuitive operation for technicians performing substation maintenance, NERC compliance battery testing, repair and troubleshooting, where DC system redundancy is required. The mobile apparatus is a sophisticated battery trailer that is fully equipped and designed to meet the customer’s critical DC load requirements.

The Black Start DC Docking Station is specially designed to install on the exterior of the substation battery room or building making this a truly 'Plug & Play' mobile power system.

The Utility Industry's Best Solution for Substations in Safely and Reliably Conducting:

NERC Compliance Testing    Battery Maintenance  DC System Redundancy    Response to DC System Failures

The Black Start Mobile DC Trailer

The Black Start Mobile DC apparatus delivers high-quality performance, efficient design, ease of use and safety features fully integrated into a rugged durable trailer.  Whether it is routine substation battery maintenance or emergency situations, the trailer can be put into service quickly and safely with its intuitive set up.


Built for Rapid Deployment